Press Appearances

American Press Releases


“McDonald’s to open restaurants in Russia’s far east in expansion drive” – [external link]

VOA – Voice of America

“American Fast-Food Icon McDonald’s Marks 30 Years in Russia” – [external link]

German Press Releases

Elbe Jeetzel Zeitung

“Why McDonald’s is so successful in Russia”
[external link]


“McDonald’s: Why the US fast food chain is so successful in Russia”
[external link]


“Taste of change: is McDonald’s becoming a people’s breadwinner in Russia?”
[external link]


“McDonald’s: Why the US fast food chain is so successful in Russia”
– The first McDonald’s branch opened in Moscow 30 years ago.
– No Russian company can beat the group today.
– Not everyone in the country likes that.

[external link]

Tiroler Tageszeitung

“The first McDonald’s branch opened in Moscow three decades ago. Today, the US company is the market leader in its industry.” – [external link]


„Im Unterschied zu anderen Ländern ist der russische Markt für Außer-Haus-Verpflegung (AHV) von einer Sättigung noch weit entfernt und hat ein enormes Entwicklungspotenzial. Die Aufhellung der Verbraucherstimmung in Verbindung mit der zunehmenden Urbanisierung, die geografische Expansion großer Akteure im Bereich Schnellgastronomie, die rasante Entwicklung der Lieferdienste – all das wird sich positiv auf die Dynamik der AHV-Branche in Russland, insbesondere auf die Schnellgastronomie, auswirken.
Gegenwärtig entfallen über 50 Prozent aller Ausgaben, die die Verbraucher für die Außer-Haus-Verpflegung tätigen, auf die Schnellgastronomie. Aber selbst dabei beträgt der Umsatz der AHV in Russland nur ein Zehntel des Umsatzes im Einzelhandel. Bei den Ausgaben für die Außer-Haus-Verpflegung pro Kopf hinkt Russland nicht nur den westlichen Ländern, sondern auch den Ländern Osteuropas mit großem Abstand hinterher.
Bei McDonald’s arbeiten wir permanent an der Verbesserung der Produktivität – einerseits durch die Einführung innovativer Technologien in die Abläufe, andererseits durch die Verwischung der Grenze zwischen den klassischen Restaurants und den schnellgastronomischen Betrieben. Aus jeder dieser Welten entlehnen wir das Beste. Der Schnellgastronomie entnehmen wir die Erschwinglichkeit und den schnellen Service und verbinden dies mit den Vorteilen eines Full-Service-Restaurants: Bedienung am Tisch, hochwertiges Essen und freundlicher Umgang mit jedem Gast. Dies verhilft uns zu einer einzigartigen Kombination von Schnelligkeit der Kundenbedienung in Verbindung mit einem hohen Niveau der Kundenbetreuung.“

NZZ – largest Swiss Economy Newspaper

McDonald’s needs to hire 20.000 new employees in Russia every year – artificial intelligence helps
[external link]

FAZ – largest German Economy Newspaper

McDonald’s Russian Special Way [external link]

German Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Morning Telegram [external link]


Hamburgers spread international flair in Russia – [external link]

Neue Zurcher Zeitung

This man feeds Rusia – [external link], [external link 2]

Russian Press Releases


Startup – Edition of 12/01/2020 – My interview starts at 13:06 – [external link to video]

McDonald’s enters the Far Eastern Federal District – [external link]

Government of Ulyanovsk Region

The Ulyanovsk region will open new fast food restaurants and continue charity programs for health workers – [external link]


Denis Pasler, the governor of Orenburg, suggested McDonald’s to open a restaurant in Sol-Iletsk – [external link]


Meeting with Denis Pasler, the governor of Orenburg – [external link]


“We were the first to discover burgers in Russia”
How McDonald’s has changed the Russian food culture – [external link]


McDonald’s was the first restaurant to open “dark cuisine” in Russia.

McDonald’s, as RBC found out, has had a dark kitchen in Moscow for several months now – a kitchen factory that prepares and issues orders only to couriers. This is the first such project among all Russian fast-food chains – [external link]


Interview. Marc Carena, CEO of McDonald’s in Russia. – [external link]

The bePROductive International Performance Forum

I participated as a speaker in the key Plenary Session
Report on Forum on Productivity (Nov 2019)


Interview. Svetlana Polyakova
Director of the Ronald McDonald House charity foundation in Russia – [external link]


The bePROductive International Performance Forum.
I was part of Panel discussion with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy – [external link]

“Professional Growth” youth forum

RAMBLER NEWS – In Moscow, the “Professional Growth” youth forum was held on October 16th and brought togheter many young people. I shared the secrets of the success – [external link]

TV CENTRE – McDonald’s opens new opportunities
What career prospects does McDonald’s offer? And why modern youngsters choose working here? McDonald’s is one of the largest employers for young people. There’s no wonder that the company became a general partner of ‘Professional Growth” youth forum. – [external link]

PARLAMENTSKAYA GAZETA – Young Muscovites learned how to do business
About 2,000 young Muscovites seeking their first job attended the “Professional Growth” youth forum.
Here, the largest employer companies shared the secrets of successful careers and professional growth
with aspiring students. – [external link]

Eastern Economic Forum 2019

The Eastern Economic Forum 2019 was held on 4–6 September in Vladivostok. Here McDonald’s announced the expansion to the Far East of Russia – [read more]

I’ve met with the president of Eurasian commission

Talking about technical regulation on safety in high poultry meat that will be considered by the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) – [external link]

How a McDonald’s in Moscow compares with one from New York City

A quick summary of the differences between ordering the same food from the Russian location and from the American one – [external link]

Open Doors Day at McDonald’s

The Open Doors Day makes it easier for socially vulnerable Russians to realize themselves professionally – [internal link]


“We give guests the experience of the future today” – [external link]


McDonald’s will hire vulnerable citizens [external link]

PMEF 2019

MCDONALDS Participating in the ST. PETERSBURG International Economic Forum – [pdf document]


Sberbank and McDonald’s signed a cooperation agreement – [internal link]


Video of interview fo РБК+ – [external video link]


Introduction to innovations and development of Russian McDonald’s network in 2019 – [external link]

GTN Pravda

Jury member for start ups as part of McDonald’s – [external link]


Opening of Hamburger University – 8th worlwide among 120+ countries – [external link to video]

Insider Awards 2019

The first award ceremony for an independent restaurant award, the Insider Awards, was held at the first Russian McDonald’s in the center of Moscow – Read more in my blog post

McDonald’s annual press conference 2019

Hospitality Standards in McDonald’s System – Read more in my blog post

Interfax News Agency

McDonald’s announced plans to localize the supply of products in Russia in two years time – [external link]

Moscow 24

“University of Hamburgerology” will appear in Moscow – [external link]


Fast-food group in foreign countries: McDonald’s Russia exceptionalism – [external link]

Russiiskaya Gazeta

Business has become more actively developing corporate volunteering [external link]

Wall Street Journal USA

In Russia, McDonald’s Serves Local Fries and a Side of Realpolitik – [external link]


Article on McDonalds in a physical format magazine in Russia – [external link]

What is necessary to become a “Big Boss Big Mac”? – [external link]

360 TV

McDonald’s CEO for the day took the place of an ordinary employee – [external link]

Rossiyskaya Gazeta

McDonald’s in Russia: 30 years of investment in the future – [external link]


McDonald’s: 98% Made in Russia [external link]


Гендиректором McDonaldʼs в России стал «новичок»
[external link]

Moscow 24

McDonald’s назначил нового генерального директора в России
[external link]


McDonald’s назначил нового гендиректора компании в России
[external link]

Romanian Press Releases

Modern Buyer | Romania

Marc Carena il inlocuieste pe Claude Sarrailh, in postul de Director Management Clienti al METRO Cash & Carry – [external link]

Daily Business

Metro intra “pe terenul lui Patriciu” si deschide 200 de magazine in franciza

Metro Cash & Carry Romania lanseaza programul “La Doi Pasi”, un concept de franciza pentru micii comercianti independenti, segment vizat si de Dinu Patriciu prin reteaua – [external link]

Wall Street – La Doi Pasi Launch

Cum arata magazinele La Doi Pasi, cel mai nou pariu al Metro in comertul de proximitate [FOTO] – [external link]

Other “La Doi Pasi” project press releases

Bursa – METRO Cash & Carry România lansează “La Doi Paşi”[external link]
Business Magazin – “La Doi Paşi”, un soi de franciză a Metro Cash & Carry România[external link]
Revista Piata – Metro Cash & Carry Romania a lansat oficial franciza La Doi Pasi[external link]
Capital – Metro vrea să facă ce nu a reuşit Patriciu cu[external link]
Adevarul – Metro se ocupă acum şi de comerţul tradţional prin franciza „La Doi Paşi”[external link]
Romania TV – Metro lansează un nou concept de magazin în franciză[external link] – Metro vrea sa ia locul[external link]
PH Online – Metro a lansat franciza La Doi Pasi[external link]
Magazinul Progresiv – METRO dezvaluie detalii despre franciza “La Doi Pasi”[external link]
Ziarul Financiar | ZF – De ce a lansat Metro Cash&Carry franciza La Doi Paşi? “Nu puteam lăsa comerţul tradiţional să moară”[external link]
Idei de Afaceri | – CAT NE COSTA SA NE DESCHIDEM UN MAGAZIN LA DOI PASI[external link]
Wall Street – Cum si-au cumparat Metro, Carrefour si Mega Image biletul de intrare in comertul de cartier[external link]
Magazinul Progresiv – Ce s-a intamplat la Conferinta Progresiv – Retail Intelligence 2012[external link]

Capital | METRO e-Commerce & La Doi Pasi Project

Internetul – noul borcan cu miere al marilor lanţuri de retail[external link]
Ce au în comun Metro, Carrefour şi falimentarul[external link]

Trends HRB – The Horeca Portal | Romania

Finala METRO Chef 2011 si-a desemnat castigatorii[external link]

Napoca News

Maeştri bucătari în competiţie pentru medaliile concursului METRO Chef 2011[external link]

Google & METRO Co-Marketing

Parteneriat METRO Cash & Carry România şi Google[external link]
Parteneriat inedit între Metro România şi Google[external link]
Parteneriat strategic
Companiile Metro România şi Google au semnat un parteneriat strategic. Google AdWords este considerată una dintre cele mai populare şi eficiente soluţii de publicitate prin internet. – [external link]
Parteneriat co-marketing între Google și Metro[external link]
Capital – Metro Cash&Carry a semnat un parteneriat strategic cu Google[external link]
Smark – METRO Cash&Carry le ofera clientilor sai cupoane Google AdWords[external link]

Retail FMCG | METRO Touch Project

METRO Cash & Carry implementează sistemul METRO Touch[external link]

Croatian Press Releases

Poslovni dnevnik

Živio je u desetak zemalja, govori sedam jezika, ima čin bojnika – upoznajte novog direktora Metroa!
Marc Carena novi je direktor Metroa u Hrvatskoj za kojeg suradnici imaju puno riječi hvale.
Kada zaposlenici neke velike kompanije govore o svom direktoru obično govore s rezervom, dozom strahopoštovanja, ili pak kolutaju očima, jer “tko voli svog šefa?”. Rijetko kada o njemu ili njoj govore s oduševljenjem. No, kada je prije nekoliko mjeseci Marc Carena došao na poziciju direktora Metro Hrvatska, nekoliko zaposlenih u toj kompaniji pohvalilo se kako je novi direktor simpatičan, pristupačan i zanimljiv.
Read the rest of the story here: – [external link]


Marc Carena, Nestle India’s Sr. Brand Franchise Manager, made General Business Manager, Nestle Algeria
Marc Carena, Senior Brand Franchise Manager, Nestle India, has been promoted as General Business Manager, Nestle Algeria. He is joining on September 1.
See more at: – [external link]

Progressive Croatia

Neumorno tragamo za novim rješenjima
Metro Cash & Carry d.o.o. u Hrvatskoj je počeo poslovati krajem 2001. godine otvorenjem prvoga veleprodajnog centra na zagrebačkom Jankomiru. Danas tvrtka posluje s ukupno šest veleprodajnih centara u Zagrebu, Rijeci, Splitu, Zadru i Osijeku, a zapošljava više od 1200 radnika na području cijele Hrvatske. Godine 2011. otvoren je Metro Drive In centar u Dubrovniku za preuzimanje naručene robe u sklopu splitskog veleprodajnog centra. Nakon 10 godina poslovanja u Hrvatskoj, Metro Cash & Carry d.o.o. pozicionirao se kao jedna od najuspješnijih tvrtki na tržištu. O poslovanju i planovima ove tvrtke razgovaramo s predsjednikom Uprave Marcom Carenom.
Read the rest of the story here: – [external link]


Šef uprave Metroa Švicarac je koji ima zanimljivu obiteljsku priču
Hrvatska je dugoročno atraktivna lokacija u koju se Metrou isplati investirati, a ja tu zaista uživam i u životu, kaže predsjednik uprave Metroa Cash&Carry Hrvatska Marc Carena, trenutačno jedan od najzanimljivijih stranaca, ali i jedan od najomiljenijih stranih šefova u Hrvatskoj. Da nije menadžer, vjerojatno bi bio arheolog, kaže taj simpatični 40-godišnji Švicarac, kojega je još od djetinjstva privlačila povijest, najviše arheologija Bliskoga istoka.
Read the rest of the story here: – [external link]
A 2nd interview available here: – [external link]